I have been a student of Dr. Mehra for sometime now. He taught us the basics of Vaastu, took the entire session of advanced Vaastu and also conducted a workshop on the use of Lecher Antenna. Dr.Mehra has the spirit of enquiry very strongly embedded in him. Whatever he teaches he corroborates it with proven examples. He is well read and is always open to new ideas. This is what makes his classes very interesting, refreshing, and a great learning experience . I will always be open to attending new workshops that he will conduct in future.

Richa Rajesh , Freelance Writer, Vaastu Expert

I think it gave a new dimension to my life.Rahul Sir, has been very sweet and supportive and was certainly a great motivating force. He installed a great interest for the subject.  In short, a good experience with everything related to the institute.

Mamta Bhatnagar,Vaastu Expert

I have been doing PhD under Dr. Mehra and learning from him was a very pleasurable experience, as lot of important content was taught in a very practical and interesting way.

Punpreet Singh, Reiki Master & Vaastu Expert

A very interesting course!

Looking forward to try this in a country (Norway) where this is hardly practiced.

Kristen Larsen, Interior Architect, Vaastu Expert

I appreciate the way of your explanation, I was so poor in placing Direction like NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, and due to this I was hesitant to join the course for Vaastu but the way you explained the Direction part, now it seems like a toffee for me.  I hope the root study pattern taught by you was fantastic and this will help to all and atleast to me. I am really blessed by your teaching. Thank you

Vinay Sayal, Astrologer & Vaastu Expert

I am very satisfied by Dr. Mehra’s way of teaching and never forget the valuable time I have spent in learning Vaastu from him.

Purnima Girohtra, Senior Faculty Vaastu Expert, Institute of joyful Living

About Mr. Mehra, he is a perfect faculty I have seen. Thanks to change my life and my thinking towards life and environment.

Ajanta Kar, Vaastu Expert

Mr. Mehra is best ever teacher in my life.

Rajkumar Suneja, Vaastu & Feng Shui Products Expert

I have done Master’s programme in Vasterilogy from Dr. R.M.Mehra. He is an Interior Designer as well as Human Ecologist. A friendly teacher with a very soft spoken personality. I had a wonderful experience working with him and would always to enhance my knowledge continuing to work with him. Currently, I am pursuing Voluntary Research in Vaastu under his guidance..

Bina Jain
, Palmist, Tarot Card Reader, Personality Consultant, Calligraphist & Vaastu Expert

As per my knowledge, I have learnt a lot of things over here, which have improved my confidence as well as the way of thinking after learning Vaastu over here.

Priya, Interior Designer & Astro Vaastu Consultant

Dr. Mehra is a good, caring and sweet to everyone. So I am really obliged to have you as a teacher.

Sapna, Astrologer & Vaastu Expert

Sir, I really didn’t believe in Vaastu but after u taught it, I really do. Thanks for giving us a good knowledge about such a beautiful subjects.

Shikha, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert

 I found Dr. Mehra, a highly learned, charming well behaved personality who never makes the gathering feel awkward or inferior or never generates a feeling that he knows much more than others, which otherwise is a fact. I learnt a lot from him & its being a really perfect foundation lying course for me , which I got from Dr. Mehra.

Tejinder Pathak, Vaastu consultant

Sir truly, you have introduced all of us to a totally new face of the Vaastu Shastra. Your style of teaching is so uniqueyet so easy to understand for the students. And specially I will never forget all those little funny jokes you often played on the students. It was fun and coming to the class doesn’t put  any weight on my mind,  doesn’t make me feel tensed or bored which is an exception, since past many years. Thanks for being so wonderful.

Vineeta, Reiki Master & Vaastu Expert

I have traveled through your country, I have been able to experience Vaastu on a very practical basis. Learning it was lots of fun. I enjoy learning about this practically and really hope that I will be able to bring it out to others as well.

Yano Cervenca Berman, Vaastu Expert

Its really wonderful being a student of yours. You are not only good teacher but also a good human being. Sir frankly speaking, I paid 6,000 rupees for this course but even if paid 30,000 for this, I won’t mind. You are a good teacher- a master’s of your own.        

Shikha Gupta, Interior Designer- Exterior Interior Pass out  & Vaastu Expert

 It was fun being in this course and batch and proud to be a student of Dr. Mehra. In class we had everything-fun, good knowledge, and everything.

Bhanuja Grover, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert

The very first day I came, I actually was in doubt if I should join or not as I had a busy schedule but because of theconvincing voice and confidence of Sir I was not left in any doubt. I completely enjoyed each day of my class and before joining I thought the class would be boring lectures but it turned out to be completely opposite full of energy, full of life, active and enthusiastic. These are just few words to describe Dr. Mehra and the best part is the class never ever got boring. Thank you Sir.

Garima Tiwari, Interior Designer- APJ Pass out & Vaastu Expert

I simply loved and enjoy my classes in Vaastu  . Here with you being my teacher. I respect you for your patience,guidance, and simply thank you for everything.  I seriously didn’t get to know when the time flied by, didn’t seem that a month is over.

Pragya Vijya, Vaastu Expert

I think,  my choice of learning Vaastu from Sir was right. The method of teaching is good enough that the way Sir teaches problem does not arises but Sir keeps on asking problems, problems .

Shraddha Jain, Vaastu Expert

A very short programme but is very very scientific way taught us by Dr. R M Mehra. He taught us in such a language which could be under stood smoothly. He did not proceed unless the things were quite clear to the learner. Our teacher Dr. R M Mehra is one of the best scholars in the field of Vaastu.

R.K.Nehra, Horticulture work & Vaastu Expert

The content and methodology of course is good, very practical approach to subject and enjoyable.

Kriti, Architect & Vaastu Expert

I think that Dr. R M Mehra (our Sir) is a best faculty in Interior Designing and Vaastu stream. He has taken our 8 sections and that that 8 sections is the best time that I  ever spend .

Narain Singh, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert

I was always interested in Vaastu but I did not had the reasoning for all articles, I read in newspaper. You helped me to solve all my queries. I am very thankful to you.

Neetu Gupta, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert

The best thing about this “Vaastu class” that whatever we had studied has a scientific reasoning with its case studies. And the best part is that it helps in studying human and building behaviour side by side which help me studying that human & building properly  and tell them appropriate cure for their problem.

Dhiren Jain, Interior Designer- IIFT Pass out & Vaastu Expert

I was happy at last I got the right teacher and right place to study Vaastu.Your classes are so energetic and interesting, that I feel you act as a  pyramid or crystal ball for students. I was busy but I left all my appointments for this class.  Really- very good , very nice class for a person who has left reading & writing from such a long time. Sir you are a Best Teacher. Very humble and down to Earth.  God bless you!

Monika Dua, Vaastu Consultant

I am very much obliged with the Vaastu knowledge that I have gained from him. Before joining Dr. Mehra’s classes I was confused with  loads of issues was desparate to have knowledge in this field.Sir helped me about in coming up and competing with the other people in the same field.

Ankit Goyal, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert

Programme was very interesting and got all the basic knowledge. The programme was encouraging as well.

Nisha Tiwari ,Vaastu Expert  


It was a wonderful experience and I would like to continue to be a part of Building Doctors.

Ankit Jain, Astrologer & Vaastu Expert  

The course is very helpful for the people who are interested in pursuing this as a profession.

Suman Prakash, Teacher & Vaastu Expert  


 It was great learning experience, enjoyed each and every class. It’s a great help for an interior designer, and Vaastu science is very useful.

Sakshi Chadda, Interior Designer & Vaastu Expert  

Dr. Mehra is a very good teacher. He has taught us in a very simple way. He has a wide knowledgeon Micro & Macro Vaastu. He is always ready to spread his knowledge to his students. He is one of the best teachers.

Neeraj Dwivedi, Astrologer & Vaastu Expert 


 Your perfect approach for guiding us regarding Vaastu in life and use of lecher antenna was really appreciable.

Dr. Mrs. Lata Minocha, Medical practitioner & Vaastu consultant

I was very much interested in learning vastu so I learned it from various places but I was not satisfied at all, then came Dr. R.M. Mehra - who was the right person at the right time in my life. By his untiring commitement, sincerity, dedication he filled me with confidence on my subject. I am grateful for your guidance, mentorship and unwavering belief in me. You are a person who can educate and inspire people with his own,with trust and honesty.

Wishing you all the success and happiness in life...

Monika Dua(M Phil Student)

A research is an end product of a thinking process. For me this is initiated by my guide Dr. R.M. Mehra, with whom grace I found my potential to explore and learn. I thank a lot to my guide for showing and guiding me on the path of acquiring the knowledge and serving the society.

Vikas Sharma (M-Phil Student)

Dr. R.M.Mehra has been a guiding light for me throughout my my researches in M.phill(vastu) and ongoing research for my P.hd(vastu). I want to thank him for his never ending support and guidance with which he showed me the way to go on. He had always been there for answering all the querries and has been an excellent guide, any body would like to work with.

Shalini Guglani ( PHD Student)

Dr R.M. Mehra is an intellectual in the field of Interior Designing and Scientific Vaastu. His specialization in vasteriology is a sort of pioneer work and it deserves full appreciation and praise for breaking new grounds.

Dr R.M. Mehra is an “OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE “. I aspire to be like him as he is my IDOL. Sir is like a “lighting lamp” to my road of success. He not only helped me but facilitated me and enriched my knowledge.

I would always expect his hands on my shoulder as he guides me to the right path of my journey.Eshpreet K Narang ( M.Phil Student)

It was a good experience, liked his approach of teaching, practical exercises along with theory classes

Garima Arora ( Inerior Designer)

Sir’s way of teaching is just very good, very clear and upto the mark. I would like to thank him for showing us the right path for diagnosing Vaastu and defects in the buildingg

Neetu Dhiman ( Inerior Designer)

Very practical approach. Every remedy and concepts had a reason behind it. A scientific approach to Vaastu was taught

Sonam Sikka (Student)

A great experience. An amazing teacher, having a strong hold on his subject.

Siddhartha Basu ( Inerior Designer)

Having Dr. R. M. Mehra as a guide for my Doctorate thesis ‘’ Geopathic stress and its remedies’’ has truly a wonderful experience.
His vast knowledge of the Vastu Sciences has indeed a great help in formulating the topic and details of my thesis.
Dr. Mehra is very youthful, enthusiastic  & has a very jovial nature. Due to his constant guidance and encouragement, I did not even realize how fast I was able to complete the elaborate details of my thesis.

Dr. Sonal Lavingia 
Pursuing Post Doctoral Degree under Dr. R. M. Mehra

  Knowledge bank can discuss anything & everything. Good Orator, can go any length extempore.   Just perfect. No complaints or suggestion.

  Mr. Vivek Chhiber
   In Real Estate Business
He is very patient. Very good at teaching. He is 100 on 100. Solves  problem immediately etc. He is very good teacher.

Surbhi Jain
Interior Designer


Rahul Sir is very clear about the content and is very thorough with vastu principles, highly motivating & keeps class very interactive.

Amit Jain
Doing Job – Genpect


Out of the world. Amazing Taught in a way at times not even feel to revise. Concept clarity too good. Words are too less to define. Amazing simply amazing.
Everything seems up to the mark. Very good experience always want to stay in touch.

Geetanjali Guliani
Faculty in Exterior Interior Pvt. Ltd.

I am thankful to Dr. Mehra to give me a lot of knowledge about vastu and made me a vastu consultant

Manish Khatri
Senior Architect

Charu Thakur

His approach & way of teaching is outstanding. Students feel comfortable & feel interest & absorb each & every word he speaks.

Pursuing the program is a big achievement of my life. I have learnt a lot from this program.

Charu Thukral
Interior Designer

A perfect teacher with a perfect adequate knowledge. Everything is perfect.

Neha Mittal


Sakshi Kumar

He is a wonderful teacher, who clears our concepts to the depth. He has a lot of knowledge and I will be glad if I could learn the maximum of what I can.

Sakshi Kumar
Interior Designer & Tarot Card Reader

Very Positive & vast knowledge of subject.

Jatin Sharma

Ruchi Mittal

Dr. R. M. Mehra is a ‘GURU’ in real term. He is determind in imbibing the core and concept of the subject into the students and inculcats the habit of Dynamiasim into their students. Excellent GURU very good is not enough for sir.

Ruchi Mittal

Seema Aggarwal

Dr. R. M. Mehra is a very confident teacher. His approach is very friendly and try to make vastu expert.

Seema Aggarwal

He is the best teacher, trainer I have ever met. I  am glad that he is my mentor, he has brought a lot of thing in me, a tremendous change. Thankyou sir.

Jyotsna Sapra
Interior Designer Faculty

Dr. Mohan Vinayak Yadav

As per above mention skills built up in Sir. Good  communication, energetic person. Having thorough knowledge of subject and way of expression n explanation is best excellent. Having good magnetism in him. Saluting his knowledge and way of teaching.

Dr. Mohan Vinayak Yadav
Astro-Vastu consultant from Mumbai

Remarkable with excellent knowledge & good friendly support.

Devender Sharma


He makes us comfortable, and solve our problem with full clarity.

Peyaswani Bhasin

Priyanshi Arora

He is  just the best!

Priyanshi Arora
Interior Designer


His teaching style is very good, makes us very comfortable & treats us as a good friend instead of a teacher.

Interior Designer

Ankita Mohan

Good Communicator and best teacher.

Ankita Mohan
Interior Designer

Preeti Girhotra

Dr. R. M. M ehra is a very expressive and confident teacher. He has a deep knowledge of Subject and gives a very logical reasoning.

Preeti Girhotra

Pardeep Kumar

Very helpful, very good teacher and also a good humanbeing.

Pardeep Kumar
Government School Teacher

Nishu Jain

Thank you very much sir for totally changed life. I pray for you everytime and every moment, I never felt that before.  I feel good and I know that who I am. Thankyou very much sir. I love everything you teach.

When  I came I felt different and now I am feeling that I am and who I am. And I am feeling positivity in my nature, behavior and everywhere of this world. He taught me how you smile in difficult situation  in my life.

Nishu Jain

Swati Jain

I am very thankful to Dr. R.M. Mehra. I haven’t found anybody teaching like him.

Swati Jain
Interior Designer


It’s a very good experience. I enjoyed it and likes the way of teaching of Mehra Sir and his friendly behavior.

Shilpi Bhargava
Interior Designer, Vaastu Consultant & Colour Consultant

Rajendra Kulkarni

 Open Approach, Clear Thought, Expertise in subject matter and delivering the same appropriately. Helping attitude and openness not to keep knowledge reserved with self. Great experience learning with him and being associated to him.

Rajendra Kulkarni
Life Transformation Catalyst, Spiritual Guide & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ashish K Gupta

In my opinion Dr. R. M. Mehra is one of the finest teacher I have seen in my lifetime irrespective of the subject that was taught. He explained all the topics in great way and I was able to understand everything even though I am not a student of vastu or any related subject. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

Ashish K Gupta

Vikas Sharma

He is very good teacher and ready to give or share his all experience. Every word equal to million dollars. Everything is very good and should going on as it is.

Vikas Sharma


Experience was very good with sir and he teaches very good that can not be expressed in words
Interior Designer

Arun Yadav

My experience about Dr. R. M. Mehra Sir is like Guru shishya relationship, like in older days. Much more attractive, creative education knowledge given in real sense. I feel proud to be one of the student of sir.

Arun Yadav
Civil Engineer

Abhishek Jindal

Dr. R. M. Mehra – An excellent program about vastu which I have done  1 & 2. A good friendly nature with excellent & professional knowledge.

Abhishek Jindal
Property Dealer

Yogesh Sharma

It is very effective and knowledgable.

Yogesh Sharma
Interior Designer

Meghna Garg

Very Practical thorough knowledge and good command on the subject. Very good communication skill. Scientific approach to the subject.

Meghna Garg


Immense pleasure that I took this class. My way of analyzing / perceiving the problem has become more scientific – All thanx to sir, with deepest regards wishing & praying for heaven’s choicest blessings for my GURU......................
I try to absorb like a sponge, but what sir has to offer is vast, vast expanse of light

Kriti K Srivastava

Sanjiv Khanna

It is nice to attend and understand the Vastu and myth of vaastu. I want you to do more practicals.

Sanjiv Khanna
Property dealer