Macro Vastu
  • Impact of Roads in Vastu
  • Parks opposite to house as per Vastu
  • Bio Matter Circulation & Vegetation around
  • Town planning as per Vastu
  • Important 101 points as per  Vastu
  • Diagonal, double diagonal, inclined and aligned cases
  • Water Bodies like septic tank, Bore well, OH Tank, UG tank, sump etc
  • Advance Concepts of Geobiology

Reading Technical drawings like Plans, Elevations, Sectional Elevations, Site Plan, Survey drawings, Plumbing Drawing, Lighting Plan & Civil drawings from perspective of Vastu Good & Bad Drawings with remedies (through case studies)

Industrial Vastu

  • Concept of Vastu for Industries
  • Location, land, roads, vegetation
  • Discussion on Relative Matter Density for Machines
  • Five Elements & Machines
  • Generator, boiler, transformer, workshop, raw material, finished goods etc

Commercial Vastu
  • Concept of Vastu for Offices
  • Interiors of Shop &  showroom as per Vastu
  • Colours, Furniture, Door, Windows etc
  • Five Elements & Machines

Hospital Vastu
  • Concept of Vastu for Hospital, Clinic & Healing Center
  • OPD, IPD, ICU, Operation Theater, Patient room,  Reception etc
  • Interiors of a Hotel as per Vastu
  • Colours, Furniture, Door, Windows etc
  • Healthy Environment in a Hospital

Hotel Vastu
  • oncept of Vastu for Hotels, club, restaurant, guest house & Cinema etc
  • Interiors as per Vastu
  • Colours, Furniture, Door, Windows etc
  • Healthy Environment

University & College Vastu
  • Concept of Vastu for University & College
  • Interiors of a College as per Vastu
  • Colours, Furniture, Door, Windows etc
  • Healthy Environment in a College

Temple  Vastu
  • Need of Temple Architecture
  • Land for Temple Architecture
  • Importance of Sculpture for temples
  • Interiors of a Temple as per Vastu
  • Garbhgrih, Pragan, Mukhypith, Dwar, Shikhar, & Gopur
  • Auspicious locations for a temple.

Vastu for Boutique, Parlour, Petrol Pump & Gym etc
  • Placements as per Vastu
  • Interiors as per Vastu

Remedial Vastu
  • Colour Therapy- Emphasis on Spectro choromo metry
  • Remedies of Plants & Trees
  • Energy Healing of Building
  • Aura Cleaning of Building
  • Divine Light Spread
  • Vastu Shanti
  • Disha Pranam
  • Advance Remedies of Vasteriology
  • Advance Architectural Remedies like live walls, Trombe walls, cavity walls etc.
  • More Holistic remedies
  • Scientific Remedies like Air purification, Environment Purificatiion etc.

Vedic Vastu
  • Vedic Philosophy
  • Texts from Mayamata & Manasara
  • Dig Sadhan & Dig Shuddi
  • Shapes & effects
  • 8 Vithis
  • Types of Vastu
  • Rahu Mukuh Puch Vichar
  • Dwishal, Trishal, Chaturshal
  • Shalya Uddhar
  • Main Door as per Rashi, Varna, Vastu Chakra
  • Explanation of Ekashiti pada vastu madala or Paramshayika mandala
  • Shodas kaksh
  • Varga Kakini Vichar
  • Dhan Rirh Vichar
  • Importance of name in Vastu
  • Ideal wood for Construction

  • Procedure of Grihapravesh
  • Procedure of Shilanyas
  • Practical of Grahpravesh

Reiki Healing for Body & Building Level 1
Basic Numerology for Vastu
Concept of Climatic Design

  • Vastu for different climates
  • Vastu for different cities of the world
  • Techniques & Fundamentals  of Climatic Design

Solar Building Design
  • Techniques & Fundamentals  of Solar Building Design
  • Sun, Vastu & Building Design

Green Building Design
  • Criteria’s of Green Building Relating with Vastu
  • Government & other agency guidelines for Vastu


  •  3 Site visits – 2 with the faculty and one by student
  • 10 case studies

  • Student would be expected to submit a Research project by end of the program

Diploma would be graded on the basis of practical site visit, practical exercises, viva, class sincerity, research project, class attentiveness and exams.