Dr. R. M. Mehra is an Interior Designer, Scientific Vaastu Expert, Sick Building Expert, Colour Consultant, Research Scholar and an Author. He is among very few Research Scholars - PhD & D.Sc in the field of Interior Design & Scientific Vaastu. He has done his research on “Mental comfort through healthy furniture and healthy environment” and “Creating Healthy Home through Vasteriology & Interior Psychology”. He is the Director of Building Doctors & Design Gurukul (A pioneer institution for professional specializations in Design) and Research Director of Research Institute of Vedic Culture (NGO Trust) an organization dedicated to revival of Vedic wisdom. He is a member of the Institute of Indian Interior designers. He is both an Educationalist and a Consultant. He has trained the students of Jims, Exteriors-Interiors Institute, Dream Zone, JD Institute, Meerabai Polytechnic, Disha Institute, South Delhi Women Polytechnic, Klassic Institute, Vaastu Research Centre, Spectrum School of Design, Sai Institute of Design, IIFT & many others institutes.



He has trained lots of Interior designers, Architects and Vaastu consultants. He is working as a Research Guide for Zoroastrian College (An international College with Special consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council).

Dr. Mehra 2nd from left receiving Post Doctoral Degree in Healthy Home from Zoroastrian College

He is one of the few experts who practice Sick Building Syndrome and Scientific Vaastu with instruments. He uses instruments like sound level Meter, Lux Meter, Lecher Antenna, Magnetic Compass and EMF Radiations tester meter etc. Some of his prominent clients include M/s Birla group of Companies, M/s Reliance group of Companies, M/s Real Tech Builders, M/s Uppals Group, M/S  Low Price Publication, M/S  Excel Books, JIMS, M/s Design Forum of Architects, M/s Sumitomitsui Constructions and M/s Lakhani group of Companies etc. His specialization lies in rectification of sick buildings. He is a man blessed with ability to cure buildings. He has flair for scientifically balanced spaces in relation to the psychological and anatomical standards of the occupants using the space. He 0understands the secrets of balancing the four spaces: celestial space, terrestrial space, inner space and built space.


Dr. Mehra has done his post doctoral research in Interior Psychology. He is among the very few colour consultants who practices and teaches the amazing secret world of Colours. He has introduced colours as a professional specialization. He is among the very few professional colour consultants who has used multi-functional aspects of colours in interiors, healing, meditation and vaastu science and is doing extensive research on chromatics. Dr. Mehra is working as a Research Guide for various research scholars (B.Phil. M.Phil& PhD) doing researches in the field of colours. As an Interior Designer his special interest lies in working with colour psychology, Interior Psychology, and designing Kids rooms.

Dr. Mehra has differentiated Architectural Vaastu from AstroVaastu. He has made the building fraternity realize that Architectural Vaastu science is a core subject of building sciences. Dr. Mehra has introduced a new specialization field Vasteriology (Science of Vaastu, Interiors & Psychology). It is a micro branch of Vaastu, concentrating on elementary aspects of Vaastu& Interiors through the perspective of human psychologyIt focuses on creating a Healthy internal environment and provides healing to the buildings through colours, plants, music’s, aromas, wall elevations, themes, furniture, design concepts, crystals and paintings etc. Science of Vasteriology has been copy-writed by Dr.R.M.Mehra.

Dr. Mehra has presented various technical papers and has received numerous awards of appreciation. He has been honoured with Gold Medal & citation at the Millennium World Congress in 2005.  He has been given theSpecial Award of Honour and Speakers Special Award by the Zoroastrian College in 2006. He has also been awarded “First Healthy Home Consultant Award” by the XX National Medicos Congress Hoshiarpur, Punjab.  He has been honoured with an Award of Excellence in Research & Professional Services by the Minister of Culture & Tourism, Smt. AmbikaSoni. in 2009 Recently he has been honored by Award of Excellence for Research and Outstanding services as a Guide by RIVC, Certificate of Excellence from Rotary Club - Ghaziabad, Speakers Special Award & Silver Jublilee Award from Zoroastrian College.

Receiving Award from Minister of Culture & Tourism, Smt. AmbikaSoni.


His book “THE HEALTHY OFFICE” is based on creating healthy environment in an office. Mr. Mantytsky, Russian Counsel in Mumbai has released the book in year. The book has been well received.

His recent book “I THOUGHT MY HOME WAS HEALTHY” is based on creating healthy environment in a Home. Smt. Sheila Dikshit the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi has released the book. The book has been well received.


Dr. R. M. Mehra has done extensive research in the field of Architectural Vaastu. He has differentiated himself from the general Astro - Vaastu Consultants. He has made the building fraternity realize that Scientific Vaastu is a core subject of building sciences. It is a collection of experiences of our ancient architects, environmentalists, geologists, builders and geomancers. He has specialized in Vasteriology (Science of Vaastu, Interiors & Psychology) andInterior Psychology. He concentrates on creating a Healthy internal environment and provides healing to the buildings through colours, plants, music’s, aromas, crystals, pyramids, paintings and design concepts. He is the first Interior Designer to use concepts of Interior Design, wall elevations and interior materials as remedy to Vaastu flaws.

Dr Mehra is a specialist in detecting the following with instruments on the site:
  • GEOPATHIC AGGRESSION - It is an aggression or stress in the building due to land. It can cause mental unrest, stress, lack of focus, concentration and continued tensions.
  • COSMO TELLURIC CHANNEL - It is an invisible link between sun & earth. Absence can create an unhealthy and a dizzy feeling.
  • ENERGY LINES ON GROUND – There are many forms and patterns of energy lines and grids naturally existing on the ground. Specifically Hartman grid, Curry grid and ley line. Exposure to such lines can weaken the immune system and disturbs sleep.
  • GLOBAL FIELD - Influx of energies in & around the buildings.
  • COSMIC & TELLURIC ENERGY - Energy flowing from sun & Earth creates a healthy feel.
  • NEGATIVE ENERGY - An unknown flow of negative energy from an object or material in the building can create lot of pessimism, restlessness and insomnia.
  • EMF CONGESTION – EMF can be tested through an EMF Radiation Tester. Electro magnetic radiations that can result in infections in pregnancy, miscarriages, leukemia and even brain cancer.
  • LIGHT – Paucity of light can cause SAD (Seasonal affective Disorder)
  • SOUND – Over exposure to sound can create hearing loss or aural pain, nausea and disrupted concentration and sleep.